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What’s the #1 reason for industrial coatings failures?



Pre-Project Design

Relying on us to guide you through this part of the coating decision-making process, you’ll be 100% assured that the correct coating, and application procedures will be part of your project.

Investment & Bid Assistance

Don’t allow the uncertainty of how much the paint process should cost. With over 100 years of combined experience, we’ll help you navigate these rough waters; with ease.

Expert Witness

Due to the fact that we have such a depth of experience, we’re able to represent you as an expert witness in the event you ever find yourself in need of such assistance.

Concrete Coating Inspector

A fairly large misunderstanding in coatings, is that you can paint concrete just as you would steel. Do not allow yourself to fall into this cavern as there is a SIGNIFICANT difference.

Coating Failure Forensics

Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to discover why a coating failed, we are your team. With experience from formulation to application, we also discover failures.


We are your Third-Party Coating Inspectors of choice. We offer Peace of Mind to our clients due to our depth of experience in…
– Wastewater Treatment Plants
– Concrete Tanks
– Overhead Cranes
– Multi-million Gallon Municipal Water Tanks
– Coating Specification Writing
– Coating Specification Analysis
– Coating Failure Analysis
…and MUCH more.


Coating Inspectors RULE

This is our first post, and the title is just for fun…for now…it’s true though…so watch out world; here we come!

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Rich Wahne Inspector
Rich Wahne
NACE Coating Inspector
Level 2 – Certified
Cert No. 70593

Jamie Laird NACE Certified Coating Inspector Level 3 #49009
Jamie Laird
NACE Certified Coating Inspector Level 3
Cert No. 49009